5 Top vibey coffee shops and boutique stores in Kinmen

Visiting Kinmen, I highly recommend stopping by an old building for a cup of coffee. Besides serving as a great resting spot during your trip, it's also a wonderful way to soak in the atmosphere of Kinmen.

5 Top vibey coffee shops and boutique stores in Kinmen

I highly recommend finding an old building in Kinmen and enjoying a cup of coffee. It can not only be a resting point between your itinerary but also a great way to feel the vibe of Kinmen. 

I love spending time in tidied old houses, reading books, and having delicious drinks. This is my favourite part of visiting Kinmen, and I'd like to share with you some of these lovely, selected shops!

1.     koki.quemoy (百花/古岡小売所)

百花 is a café and small retail shop located in a renovated Western-style building. Formerly known as 古岡小売所, I haven't visited since its name change. Originally, they didn't offer coffee, but I heard that after the 2.0 update to 百花, they now have a wider selection of food and drink options! I'll definitely visit next time and share my experience then.

Formerly known as Gu Gang School

Established in 1921 as a private institution, it is a beautiful Western-style building. 

Later, with the assistance of the renowned guesthouse "Shiyuan," it transformed into its current interior space. Just as their Instagram shows: understated and elegant. 


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The front has a strong school vibe, but when you walk inside, you can't even feel it was a school. 
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The door on the right side is the counter to order. 
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This is the central entrance of the store. Upstairs is the dining area. 
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The menu is well-designed. (2024 Update: This was the menu from the original 古岡小売所. 百花 has since updated their menu.)
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The first floor is an opening viewing space, while the main dining area is located upstairs.
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There are two main dining spaces. Not many seats but very comfortable and spacious. 
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Small corners and floral-patterned partitions create a cherished enclave. 
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This is the second space. A great place to enjoy the air conditioner. 

And you don't have to worry about the thin curtain letting the cold air escape; there's an additional layer outside, which allows light to come in while preventing the air conditioning from leaking out. It's really smart!

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The outdoor space on the second floor also feels fantastic. Sitting outside when the weather is cool makes you feel relaxed. 

The railing is quite low, offering a great view (but remember to be careful not to fall off). 

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Just like the picture shows the stairs are very dangerous and steep. Be careful when taking elders and children. 
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I ordered a citrus sparkling drink. It tastes good and is very refreshing. 
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I highly recommend salted egg yolk scones. 

Koki. Quemoy (古岡小売所)

Opening Hours: Friday to Sunday: 14:30-17:30
Instagram: Link

This store is like an oasis, standing alone in a super tranquil area. If you want to seek a sense of escape from the city, bring a book, and sit for an afternoon. The old house and the old light, this vibe will give you the illusion that time isn't passing. I would give 100 out of 100. 


2.     weng3weng3 (蓊蓊書店)

Wengweng bookstore is the one that I miss the most among those stores. About four times in total. Although their operating hours are stated, the owner also notes that they might leave for a while around noon. For this reason, I've missed visiting several times. (I've stayed at the Golden Fortress Hotel next door a few times and still couldn't catch it  )

Anyway, if you happen to pass by and see it open, don’t hesitate to take a seat. 

Themed bookstore with curry and beverages 

The entrance gives off a very artsy vibe, with plants and signage (even the signboard outside are wooden signs).

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That old bench is for people who fan the air to take pictures. 
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Small area aside

Heaven helps those who help themselves! I came in!

Inside is a spacious bookstore. As the title says, a themed bookstore means that the books are selected by the owner on various societal issues, including gender, societal, education, etc. Walking around and reading through the pages, you'll feel the messages that the owner wants to convey. 

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The views inside the store were great! The collection of books isn't extensive, but it lives up to the name of being a bookstore. 
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Curry with fried chicken + salad + black tea 240 NT
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Kyoto—Hojicha Latte (roasted green tea latte) 130NT

The curry tastes really good. It tastes a little sour (the sauce contains quite a few tomatoes) As a tomato hater, I still find it delicious. I think it's quite special.

Wengweng bookstore


Opening Hours: 12:00-20:30 (please note: sometimes leave for a while in the afternoon) Further information for closed time: Facebook link

Weng Weng Bookstore is a great place to change the atmosphere in the downtown area. You don't have to be so bustling, so traditional. You can just come here, read books, and feel what else in the world needs to care about. Or you can watch what others care about and let go of the parts that you don't need to worry about. 

3.     Ni Coffee Studio (膩咖啡)

This is a charming café located slightly above the Zhushan village. The courtyard shows a classic Kinmen vibe. It is perfect for sitting outside when the weather is nice. Inside the cafe is also extremely cute. 

Exterior of the café / Cute sign

It is a very Kinmen vibe yard, especially when there is a sunset. 

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There are many plants and various types of tables and chairs inside the shop, which perfectly match my style. 

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The owner serves everything alone, but the beverages are of excellent quality. 

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Although there are not many items on the menu, the drinks that I have ordered are all very nice. 

I also ordered the Lemon tart. It tastes really good. 

And I met several groups of customers who came for the cinnamon rolls (maybe the residents in Kinmen)

Ni coffee studio (@ni_coffee_studio)

Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday: 13:30-18:00
No reservation/ Children under 12 are not allowed.
Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday 13:30-18:00


The drinks at Ni Coffee Studio are incredibly delicious. It is the type that you'll want to have another cup. You may want to stay a little longer, and you won't feel like you should leave. The yard is full of the Kinmen vibe, decorated with indigo-dyed fabrics, plants, and books. It's a place where you want to spend your time. 

4.Coffee Tipsy (咖啡微醺)

It has two locations: one is the Minquan store in the downtown of Jincheng, and the other is the studio in the old town area of Shuitou. The first time, I went to the Minquan store. The drinks were so delicious, then I decided to go to the studio in Shuitou the next day. Photos on Google Maps might be misleading because some people mix up the photos and reviews of both locations (though the reviews are all very good). However, the two locations look quite different. I’ll show them separately for you: 

Minquan Store- a combination of hair salon and café

Minquan branch - A combination of barbershop and café

The sign “Cafe Tipsy” stands out prominently, but upon entering, you'll notice that the hair salon section occupies a larger proportion. If you prefer dining in, there are only three seats available at the bar or outdoor seating! (However, there always seems to be quite a few people opting for takeaway.) 

In the lively area, shops flank both sides of the street. 
As I walked in and saw the hairdressing area, I took two steps back. 

Fortunately, the staff called out to me and asked if I wanted to have coffee. 

Despite there being only three coffee seats in the shop, as seen in the picture, I decided to give it a try since I was already there, and the staff were very friendly. 

I ordered the Camellia Milk Tea and pudding, which was a special recommendation from the staff. 

Ps. The topping flowers were lily for decoration.

It was astonishingly good (so much that I went back to the main shop). The staff told me that it's a combination of camellia syrup and a large amount of foam. The pudding was also delicious. I highly recommend it. Although there are few seats inside the shop and the space for placing drinks is narrow just like what you see in the photo, there's still an endless stream of people getting takeaway. If you live in Jincheng and are looking for delicious and unique drinks, I recommend trying the Camellia Milk Tea. 

The main store studio—more seats and food options 

The Studio is located near the attraction "Wentai Pagoda," and Taiwan Tourist Shuttle buses provide service to this location! There is more outdoor space here, making the environment more comfortable. 

This is how it looks outdoors, with umbrellas providing shade and accommodating more seats.
The interior space of the shop (pet-friendly)
Camellia Latte—the reason why I came here.

Although I came specifically to try the other drink in the Camellia series, I feel that the Camellia Milk Tea better highlights the flavour of the floral extract. The latte is also good, but it feels more like a flavoured latte. I prefer Camellia Milk Tea. The menus at different locations are the same (in summer, there are season-limited items with mango flavour: soda, milk tea, and coffee). 

Cakes and roll cakes are only available in the studio. 

Coffee Tipsy (咖啡微醺)
Opening Hours: 
Main store (風獅爺店) Monday to Sunday: 11:00-17:30 
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 
Mingquan store (民權店) Tuesday to Thursday: 11:00-17:30
Closed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday


Aside from being captivated by the Camellia Milk Tea, I also like the slogan in their shops: “Tipsy is the feeling of comfortable relaxation when everything is just right.” I actually prefer the feeling of chatting with the staff at the narrow side tables in the Minquan store. Maybe it’s because their enthusiasm for the Camellia series drinks prompted me to give them a try. This feeling of communication and trust with other people is very rewarding.

I’m not an outgoing person. However, every time I visit Kinmen, I find myself more willing to engage in conversations with the locals. I believe this is also the charming part of Kinmen. Low paced lifestyle. Whoever’s words are filled with warmth, and with someone always willing to lend an ear. 


5.radiance in shadow (隱室微光)


The last place I'd like to introduce is “radiance in shadow”, one of the few nighttime spots in Kinmen. It is open until 11 PM, serving alcohol, drinks, and snacks. I visited while staying at a nearby guesthouse.

Finding the entrance was a bit challenging, as it truly lived up to its name as a hidden spot. If you're not used to Kinmen's alleyways, you might feel a bit scared. However, this shop is worth seeking out. 

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Inconspicuous sign in the alley
Go through the path
You’ll first see the yard.
Then you'll come across this vibey gate. (If the weather's cool, I'd sit in the yard.) 
I arrived relatively late that day (about an hour before closing) There was only the owner inside, and someone who appeared to be a friend of the owner. 

Upon entering, the space was divided into the typical layout of an old house shop, with a central counter and a room on each side. 

With just two chairs in each room, sitting down felt like having my own private space.  which was truly luxurious.

Corner of the shop
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This is another room with a total of six seats. 
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I ordered an iced fruit tea (for220 NT) and daily limited cookies.

The background music in the shop is the kind of music that makes you feel like you’re in a relaxed French café and it is perfectly suited for the quiet nights in Kinmen. 

The fruit pieces in the fruit tea were abundant and tasty. I dug out a few pieces to eat and it seems to be pears. It was the first time I had pears in fruit tea, and they were delicious, which was both surprising and delightful. The cookies have a special name which is something related to cats, but I can’t recall it. T^T 

Radiance in shadow(隱室微光)

Opening Hours: Thursday 14:30-17:30 Friday to Sunday 14:30-17:30 & 19:30-23:00


A vibey shop for dating, chatting with friends, or even just sitting alone and relaxing. It’s my top recommendation for anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing evening.

If you think dining in Kinmen might be lacking, you're mistaken!

There are actually many high-quality boutique shops in Kinmen now. The ones listed above are my top picks, and I highly recommend checking them out. For those interested in planning a trip, stay tuned for more on main course dining options coming up soon!